Parks & Gardens

Explore our parks, gardens,
forests and trails. Untamed
or beautifully tended.

If you’ve not explored the Pyrenees, you’ll discover it’s a region that has it all.

From rugged tracks and trails winding through rainforest to lovingly tended parks and gardens.

Mountaintops and hills with breathtaking views. Rivers, creeks, lakes and waterfalls. Rolling farmlands and open countryside.

Both the Mount Cole and Pyrenees State Forest are dog friendly with walks for you and your 4 legged friend.

Vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see.

Relaxing picnic spots along the picturesque Avoca River and Beaufort Lake.

Historic buildings from the gold rush era, some untouched, many converted into cafés, antique shops, galleries and studios.

Discover the new Koori Art Trail featuring 12 installations dotted around the Beaufort Lake.

And don’t miss our own traditional Chinese Garden nestled next to the Avoca river.

Much more than a day trip can take in.

Always something new to be unearthed

Avoca Chinese Garden
Beautifully positioned overlooking the river flats, Avoca’s Garden of Fire and Water is a delightful attraction to discover in the Pyrenees reflecting the Chinese heritage within the region.
Beaufort Lake
Cool off during the summer months and explore Beaufort Lake. Located just 30 minutes from Ballarat, in the township of Beaufort, this man made lake is great for fishing, water skiing, canoeing and swimming.
Mount Cole and Mount Buangor Parks
Mount Cole and Mount Buangor is a great place to getaway from it all. Camp the night at one of the many campgrounds in the parks and stroll after dark to spotlight the forest night life.
Pyrenees State Forest
This area has some fantastic and challenging tracks as well as great scenery and all within coo-ee of a nice country pub if you feel like a counter tea and catching up with the locals.