Avoca Chinese Garden

Beautifully positioned overlooking the river flats, Avoca’s Garden of Fire and Water is a delightful attraction to discover in the Pyrenees.

Reflecting the Chinese heritage within the region, Avoca’s Garden of Fire and Water represents and acknowledges the important contribution of early Chinese immigrants to Avoca during the gold rush era of 1850-1870.

The traditional Chinese pavilion features metalwork illustrating fire and the local wetlands; the large boulders positioned within the garden represent the scenic mountains of the Pyrenees. The paths lead visitors on a journey through a mixture of carefully selected plants both of Australian and Chinese origin, unveiling unique features and the diverse history of the Pyrenees.

Hidden with this beautiful garden is naturally formed ‘scholar rock’, a rock of particular significance to those with an interest in Chinese History. Guided tours of Avoca’s Garden of Fire and Water are available and provide an interesting insight into the strong relationship between the early Chinese settlers and the beautiful Pyrenees. Avoca‘s Garden of Fire and Water provides a beautiful venue for weddings, special occasions and events; and it is a picturesque stop for a day in the Pyrenees.

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