These strange days are made for dreaming and relishing the day when we can get back to our lives. Even though you don’t know when, you can start preparing now your return to the Pyrenees!

Wine Tasting from Home 

Join winemaker Andrew Koerner from Blue Pyrenees Estate live on Facebook at 7pm on Thursday 28th of May to taste through current vintage and pre-release Shiraz from the Blue Pyrenees Estate range.
Purchase the tasting kit of five wines for $10 including free delivery here;

Walk with a Plan

If your normal fitness program has been interrupted, setting a training goal for post-lockdown will be the one thing getting you through. Take the time to plan a walk/trail run program with a mission! The Beeripmo Walk is a great challenge to train for during this time. The Beeripmo Walk located in the Mount Cole State Forest is a 21km walk (11 hours) that will take you to the top of Mugwamp Hill where you will find breathtaking views across Mt Langi Ghiran and the Grampians before heading back down. If 21km walk sounds too daunting, you can find a variety of smaller tracks Here.

Make your own mulled wine

Mulled Wine is a traditional old English combination of spices, fresh ginger and citrus zest with rich brown sugar. Perfect after a day of skiing, out camping, or sharing with friends at a bonfire.
Wimmera Hills Winery have taken all the hard work out of making mulled wine by producing the Smoking Bishop syrup for you. They have ground up the fresh spices, steeped them for 24 hours to extract the flavours, blended with sugars, and jarred up hot to preserve in all that goodness. Ready to use, and easy. Because they have preserved the spices while they are fresh, the syrup is bursting with deliciousness!

How to make brilliant mulled wine:
Warm up a bottle of red wine with 2 tablespoons of Smoking Bishop syrup. A perfect winter warm up. Garnish with your own slices of orange or star anise.
One 200ml jar of Smoking Bishop syrup will make up 5 bottles of mulled wine.

Bike Maintenance

Give the cycles in your life a once over with that detail and service you’ve been meaning to do for ages and plan for a cycle trip in the Pyrenees Wine Region. Plan a route including the things you want to do along the way (wine tasting – check, amazing meals – check and more!) we have some great gravel tracks that will take you through or around the Pyrenees State Forest between Avoca and Moonambel. There are even friendly tour operators who will be delighted to help you make your cycle tour a reality.


A Weekend To Look Forward To

Yes there will be such a thing as post-iso life and rest assured the Pyrenees have got some fantastic accommodation options dotted around the valleys overlooking the views of the hills. There are so many Instagram opportunities that you will be the envy of all of your friends.  With uncrowded cellar doors and beautiful wide open spaces to explore, it is the perfect destination for your first post isolation weekend away.