Pyrenees State Forest

This area has some fantastic and challenging tracks as well as great scenery and all within coo-ee of a nice country pub if you feel like a counter tea and catching up with the locals. There are a few camping places within the Pyrenees such as Cameron Track Campgrounds or Waterfalls Campgrounds, however the Glenpatrick Reserve is idyllic. No Permits are required, but the GlenPatrick Reserve Committee appreciate donations to help improve what is already a great place, so if you like the place then please make a donation.

Some of our favourite walks in the Pyrenees State Forest are listed below:

Pyrenees Endurance Walk
18km, 13 hrs one-way (moderate)
The Pyrenees Endurance Walk is 18 km one way and is recommended as an overnight trip starting at the Waterfalls Picnic area with Camerons Track being the halfway point. This walk is considered to be reasonably difficult with some steep sections. In drier months, you will need to carry your own water.

Valley Walk
1km, 20 mins return (easy)
A pleasant after lunch walk, this track is signposted from the Waterfalls Picnic Area and follows the course of the No.2 Creek upstream to a rock outcropping. Water flows in the winter months only, or after heavy rainfall.

Ebling Track Walk
approx 2.5 km 1 hour (easy)
From the Waterfalls Picnic Area an easy walk along Ebling Track to Fraser Track and back.

Sugarloaf Walk
approx 5km 2 hours (easy)
Walk along Waterfalls Track onto Schmidt Track to Sugarloaf Track and back


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