The cold weather often leads to lacking the desire to leave the house but hibernation mode doesn’t mean you have to stay home. In the Pyrenees we have some exciting indoor creative spaces that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather may dish-up.
The venues are varied and range from established galleries in historic railway stations, private studios, pop-up galleries in cellar doors and even silo art.

Beaufort Art Trax – For the month of July, Pyrenees Art Trax is celebrating the artistic dynamism and creative vitality of our local artists. Housed in the refurbished historic Beaufort Railway Station, the exhibition encompasses a range of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital and mixed media.

Gallery 127 – Gallery 127 is housed in the historic Avoca Railway Station which was lovingly restored and open to the public in 2017. The Community Arts and Gardens group had the idea to establish a dynamic and inclusive contemporary art space in the historic building which was first built in 1876. Through the month of July you will find the 7 rooms filled with works of art by talented local artists.

Avoca Silo – Artwork on the Avoca Silo depicts the Australian Barking Owl, created by Warrnambool based artist, Jimmy Buscombe. During the day, the silo can be viewed from the warmth of the car however we recommend returning at night to see the artwork glow in the dark! You will need to get out of the car to turn on the floodlights to charge the special glow in the dark paint. Once the flood lights automatically turn off, you will find the owls eyes and the starburst sky glow in the dark. There is also an interactove glow wall set on the Pyrenees Ranges below the owl where you can draw your own artworks using nothing more than light from a torch.

Angela Gerrard – Experience art and culture and be captivated by local artist Angela Gerrard, in her studio in Beaufort . Here you will find an amazing display of artwork, the opportunity to participate in workshops, demonstrations and a tea and coffee house offering morning and afternoon tea. Angela is now passing on her love of art and pastel painting to art students in weekly art classes. It’s a great opportunity to make a memory you won’t forget and a souvenir to take home


Cyril Callister Vegemite museum – The Cyril Callister Vegemite Museum celebrates is home to all things vegemite.The museum tells the story of the Beaufort born inventor Cyril Callister, and his life’s journey, enjoy a growing collection of Vegemite memorabilia with some pieces from the 1940’s.  A small collection of Vegemite merchandise is also on sale.

Vegemite can be used for many different things including painting. When visiting the museum you can create your won masterpiece using the salty black paste!

Koori Art Trail – Discover the Koori Art Trail along the banks of the Beaufort Lake which features 12 installations which depict the traditional flora and fauna of the area, and pays homage to the traditions, customs and stewardship of the local lands. The Koori Art Trail provides a fascinating insight into the dreamtime stories woven into each piece and the history of Indigenous traditions.

Bigibila Winery – Sometimes you want a little more from your cellar door experience. The last few years have seen an abundance of new galleries and art spaces pop up at some of our favourite wineries. Of course, great tasting wines are always at the top of our list when deciding which wineries to visit, but passing the time observing the works of great local artists is an excellent pairing to an afternoon of wine tasting.

Pyrenees Art Exhibtion – The Pyrenees Art Exhibition will return again over the Kings Birthday Long Weekend. Presented by the Pyrenees Arts Council and Rotary club of Beaufort, the weekend features a Friday night gala opening with great food, champagne and local wines. The Art show then opens to the public on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and is certainly a highlight on the local arts scene calendar. You will find works by  more than 100 artists from interstate, state-wide and the local Pyrenees area providing works in artistic styles from traditional to contemporary.