Avoca Silo Art

The Avoca silo artwork depicts the Australian Barking Owl, a bird native to the local Pyrenees Ranges.

The Avoca silo displays the first glow in the dark artwork in the Australian Silo Art Trail…and possibly the world!

The silo has two separate glow in the dark features that can be experienced after dark. First, set behind the owl is a Glow in the dark starburst sky. The starburst sky and the owls eyes both glow in the dark when charged by the silos installed floodlights.

There is also an interactove glow wall set on the Pyrenees Ranges below the owl where you can draw your own artworks using nothing more than light from a torch or phone torch.

How to reveal the starburst sky feature:

  1. Find the two buttons on the left side of the Barking Owl shed mural (which displays a Kangaroo on it)
  2. lift the covers and press BOTH buttons. This will turn on the flood lights and turn off the lights to the shed mural
  3. The flood lights will now charge the glow paint and will automatically switch off after 30 seconds revealing the night time glow feature.
  4. After a further 30 seconds the shed lights will switch back on enabling the cycle to be restarted.

How to use the glow wall feature:

  1. Take your torch and go up to the silo in front of where the Pyrenees mountain ranges is painted.
  2. Turn the torch on and shine it directly on the Pyrenees Ranges (the closer the better) then move your torch around. you are now litterally drawing with light!
  3. you can also create shadow art by getting a friend to pose in front of the Pyrenees Ranges &shining a spotlight around the outside of them.
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