Getting the kids off screens and out and about doesn’t need to be expensive. The Pyrenees has so many things to do that are free for families – and fun!

Nature is the best antidote to a world of ‘too much screentime’. We are blessed with many natural assets in the Pyrenees that are easy to access and free of charge.


  1. Koori Art Trail – Discover the Koori Art Trail along the banks of the Beaufort Lake which features 12 installations which depict the traditional flora and fauna of the area, and pays homage to the traditions, customs and stewardship of the local lands. The Koori Art Trail provides a fascinating insight into the dreamtime stories woven into each piece and the history of Indigenous traditions. The 2 kilometre trail starts at the Boat Ramp which you can access via the Goldfields Recreations Reserve.
  2. Governors Rock Lookout – The Governor Rock Lookout Tower and Picnic Area is located approximately 15km from Avoca township in the Pyrenees State Forest. The tower offers gorgeous, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. It is a short 200m walk from the carpark to the tower which is a tall platform with steel steps and railing which offers spectacular views of hills, bushland and farmland. You can extend your walk along the walking track which will loop you back to the car carpark.
  3. Swim in Beaufort Lake – hours of fun whether you’re paddling on the edge, feeding the ducks (peas are better for them than bread, please), swimming or kayaking. Beaufort Lake is a great location for a family picnic with picnic tables and BBQ facilities available on site.
  4. Fishing – Beaufort Lake is the ideal little watering hole for fishing. The man made lake is located in the township of Beaufort. Redfin, goldfish, brown trout and rainbow trout can be found here. If river fishing is more your jam, head over to the Avoca River which runs through the centre of Avoca township. European carp is the predominant fish caught around Avoca but the river also contains redfin, some brown trout, occasional golden perch, flathead gudgeon, mountain galaxias, flathead galaxias and abundant small blackfish.
  5. Ferntree FallsFerntree Falls Nature Walk is an excellent shorter walk. Just 1km long it takes you to the upper reaches of middle creek and past the cascading Ferntree Falls. You can get so close to the waterfalls that you can paddle underneath them!
  6. Avoca Silo Art – check out Australia’s first glow in the dark silo art displaying an image of the Barking Owl which is native to the Pyrenees Ranges. The silo has two separate glow in the dark features that can be experienced after dark. With the nights getting warmer but the days still short, Spring is a great time of year to experience Avoca’s new interactive silo art. Set behind the owl is a Glow in the dark starburst sky. The starburst sky and the owls eyes both glow in the dark when charged by the silo’s installed floodlights.