Beaufort Lake

Cool off during the summer months and explore Beaufort Lake. Located just 30 minutes from Ballarat, in the township of Beaufort, this man made lake is great for fishing, water skiing, canoeing and swimming.

Pack a picnic and make the most of the great picnic and barbecue facilities. Or grab a bite to eat at one of the fantastic eateries in town.

There is a leisurely 3km or 1km walking/running track around the lake with fitness equipment dotted along the way. Join countless locals running, strolling and cycling the track year-round. As you stroll the banks of the lake, you will find the Koori Art Trail with 12 art installations strategically placed around the lake.

Beaufort Lake opens to power boats in December for as long as water depths permit.The lake can be seasonally dry.

Please note the following:

Please read and understand signs displayed.
Power boats are only permitted on the lake from 10.00 am till sunset.
Due to the size and locality of the lake jetskis are NOT PERMITTED.
All power boat drivers must hold a current Victorian boat licence and insurance. Your boat licence must be produced if requested by police.
Only two power boats are permitted at one time on the lake and must travel in a clockwise direction. When more than two boats are present, the 15 minutes at one time rule applies. (Read details on board at Lake)
All persons towed behind boats must wear buoyancy suits or life jackets.
The .05 rule applies on water as well as the road. Random breath tests may be carried out by police.

Beaufort Lake Caravan Park is located right on the lake and is a great place to stay for short or longer term.

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