Escape the daily grind and unwind in nature. The Pyrenees is a natural wonderland, filled with walking trails for you to explore. Less than 1-hour drive from Ballarat, you will find a number of Parks, including Mount Cole, Mount Buangor and Pyrenees State Forest, all forming a spectacular paradise for wildlife and wilderness.

Charming villages are dotted around the parks, offering a delightful pit stop for coffee, snacks and supplies before heading out on your hike.

Listed below are just a few of our walks, you can find the full list at

Beeripmo Walk

The Beeripmo Walk is a heart pumping 21km hike, winding steeply uphill through spectacular rainforest. Starting in Mount Cole State Forest at Richards campground, the trail begins gently but climbs quickly with the landscape changing from woodlands to fern and moss covered rocks. The trail will take you to the top of Cave Hill and then Mugwamp Hill where you will find breathtaking views across to Mt Langhi Ghiran and the Grampians before heading down again through Mount Buangor State Park. The walk can be done in one day but we recommend taking your time and breaking it up into two days using Beeripmo Campground as a half way point.

Ferntree Falls

Spring time is typically the best time of year for ‘waterfall chasing’. With a wet winter behind us there’s no better time to get out there and see them roar. If a meandering stroll is more your style or you are walking with children, the Ferntree Waterfalls Nature walk will have you ducking and weaving your way under ferns and past tall Gum trees in the Mount Buangor State Park. Nestled in a beautiful forest setting and beginning at Ferntree Picnic area, the 1km track weaves through lush ferns and over bridges before descending to the beautiful falls.

Historic Walks

If history fascinates you, there is no better way to experience the history of our towns than by taking a heritage walk. Both Avoca and Beaufort have self guided historic walking trails taking you through the streets, past historic buildings, and discovering the towns rich history at a leisurely pace. Many of the buildings lining the streets are still in their original condition.

Ben Nevis Lookout

Stop in for a picnic and spend an afternoon exploring Ben Nevis, a striking mountain within the Mount Cole State Forest which offers incredible views over the surrounding peaks, bushland and fields. There are two ways of accessing Ben Nevis. You can travel by car along gravel roads right up to the summit. The lookout is a short 200m walk from the carpark. Alternatively, you can park at Chinamans Campground and hike the 5km Borella walk up to the summit. The hike is quite steep in places and graded as moderately difficult but very rewarding.

Beaufort Camp Hill

Camp Hill Lookout offers scenic views over the town of Beaufort and the surrounding bushland. The lookout can be accessed by car but we recommend doing it by foot taking camp hill track which heads up the hill through the Camp Hill Recreation Reserve (the sunrises and sunsets are worth the hike!) Pick up some goodies from in town and create your own picnic to enjoy with a view.