Avoca Waterfalls

Take a scenic stroll alongside a stony creek to the gorgeous Avoca Falls, a seasonal waterfall which is nestled in a valley within the Pyrenees State Forest.
Accessed via an easy 500 m walk from the nearby Waterfalls Campground, Avoca Falls is a great place to explore.
This waterfall typically only flows after heavy rains, but is a beautiful spot to visit with or without water.

From the base of the waterfall, you can clamber up either side to reach several more levels in the rocks above.
Take care if climbing up, as the grass and rocks can be very slippery.
The walk to Avoca Falls begins at the nearby Waterfalls Campground, and is an easy 500 m walk alongside a creek.
The walking track is narrow and uneven in places, travelling upstream along Number Two Creek. This creek is seasonal, but the walk is scenic with or without water flowing.
Follow the track right to the base of the waterfall.
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