Mount Sugarloaf Circuit

Due to fire impact this walk is closed for public safety until further notice. For the latest on Mount Buangor State Park closures, head to

Located in Mount Buangor State Park

Start from either
A. Middle Creek Visitor Area
11.1km 4 hr, 30 min return
B. Bailes Visitor Area
9.8km 3 hr 45 min return
C. Ferntree Visitor Area
8.9km 3 hr 30 min return
Grade: Moderate/Hard
Track: Rocky/steep

The walk across the sections of the Mount Cole plateau provides spectacular views across the Western Plains, panoramic views of Langi Ghiran and the Grampians Major Mitchell Plateau in the distance. There are a number of small lookouts which take advantage of these prominent points. The circuit encompasses the Cave Hill cave, a massive granite arch some 100m wide and 15m in height.

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