Beaufort Historical Society

Visit the Beuafort Historic Society to find out about the history of Beaufort and surrounding region.
You can find the Beaufort Historic Society housed in the former Court House which is still in its preserved state with judges chair, witness stand, jury box and public area. Stepping into the space evokes thoughts of the many souls that have passed through the building.

Let the knowledgeable volunteers take you through a guided tour whilst talking about the colourful people that called Beaufort home.

Services at the Beaufort Historic Society include:

  • Promote the study and preservation of family, local and the national history of Beaufort and District.
  • To provide educational assistance to those interested in the study of family, local and national history.
  • To promote interchange of information among members of the Society.
  • Provided information on self guided historic walks
  • Undertake historical research into places, sites and objects of historical importance.

Open every Wednesday and 4th Saturday of the month.

Phone number: 0402090414