Mount Buangor Walk

Due to fire impact this walk is closed for public safety until further notice. For the latest on Mount Buangor State Park closures, head to

Located in Mount Buangor State Park

Start from Ferntree Visitor Area
10km 3 hr return

Grade: Moderate/Hard
Track: Rocky/Steep

As you ascend you will experience changes in species from a damp forest to a grassy woodland forest dominated by Snow Gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora). This particular plant community is rare within Western Victoria.

A dramatic panorama unfolds as you approach Mount Buangor Lookout. Beyond the lookout is the Buangor Summit, the highest peak in the region. This peak was formally known as Flagstaff Hill. The name originates from a rock cairn and flagpole that is reported to have been erected by Major Mitchell during his exploration in the area in the 1830s.

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