Life is really about Food and Wine and Victoria’s Pyrenees Region has a generous collection of both! Find Restaurant Menus inspired by what’s fresh and local, and serving the very best that the Pyrenees has to offer.

It’s no secret that the Pyrenees ‘is a wine lovers’ destination with a particular affinity for producing rich Cabernet and Shiraz thanks to our cool climate and landscape. There are over 20 cellar doors waiting to be discovered so now’s the time to start ticking them off your winery bucket list! Many cellar doors are accompanied by casual cafes with decks and terraces overlooking vineyards so close that you feel like you are dining amid vines. Download a copy of the Pyrenees Wine Map or collect a copy from the Visitor Information Centres or Cellar doors.

If you’re not a wine buff or you prefer something icy cold then you need to gather your crew and head out to Mrs Bakers Still House located at Wimmera Hills Winery.  This Boutique distillery use locally grown Glenpatrick produce and liqueurs to create fine gin, orange triple sec and blueberry liqueur.

If you like trying craft beer, The Avoca Hotel is an essential stop with an extraordinary range of craft and boutique beers. But don’t just take our word for it, the Hotel has been awarded the Best Beer list in the Gourmet Traveller for the past two years and they keep adding to their collection.  The Hotel has plenty of your typically popular ales and lagers on tap, as one would expect, but they have gone above and beyond to compile a very large beer list. The Avoca has sourced their beers from every corner of the globe. Feel like a Mexican pilsner or a Sardinian lager, a Japanese IPA or a Californian wheat beer, a Norwegian saison or a Belgian trappist tripel? Well, this is the place. There are light beers and strong ales and even gluten-free beers. And a wonderful assembly of fruit beers, sour beers and lambic beers. The highlight, especially for fans of the style, must be the stouts and porters.

Our beautiful natural environment creates an enviable lifestyle which has attracted city chefs seeking inspiration and a tree change.  We have chefs with passion and local produce that inspires people to keep returning to our tables. The menus are adventurous and creative with local produce including Suffolk lamb, beef, olives and hare just to name a few.
We have cafes and Restaurants that have been awarded with the prestigious Golden Plate Awards including The Avoca Hotel, Pyrenees Pantry and Talbot Provedore. All three are worth visiting for anyone wanting to experience dining at its finest while visiting the Pyrenees.