In need of an escape?  Good thing that you don’t need to travel far from Melbourne to discover some truly spectacular accommodation options. Within a few short hours you can find your very own slice of Pyrenees paradise.

There are so many ways to stay in the Pyrenees. While we might not be able to fly internationally at the moment, it is the perfect time to explore a little closer to home and unplug and unwind in the Pyrenees.

Accommodation with a view

Wake up to spectacular, mountain and valley views from your cottage verandahs and holiday-house decks and watch the sun climb mountains at dawn and descend into valleys at dusk. When it comes to relaxing and rebooting, getting away from it all the heart of nature really is the best way to hit the reset button. Who knew holiday bliss was only a few hours’ drive away?

Try: Raglan Retreat, Mount Cole Cottages, Calando Hill B&B, Tandamuki Cottage or Montgrange on Mugsies Lane



Stay in a charming country retreat on a farmstay – spending time on the land, enjoying close encounters with farm animals, meeting the locals and experiencing the friendly country hospitality. Kids and adults alike love the hands-on experience that shows them where food comes from and the daily farm life – milking cows, shearing sheep, feeding chooks and collecting eggs for breakfast. If you are lucky you may even watch chickens hatching!

Try: Glut Farm, Pyrenees Farmstay



Vineyard Stay

The Pyrenees wineries offers you the opportunity to stay where you play! There is something very relaxing about taking that scenic drive through gorgeous rural vistas to find your accommodation overlooking endless rows of romantically gnarled grapevines, and increasingly exceptional on-site restaurants. Amongst the Pyrenees wineries, you can find the most delightful accommodation nestled among the vines.

Try: Blue Pyrenees Estate Lakehouse, Wimmera Hills Cottage, Summerfield Studios, Redbank Chestnut Cottage, Grape Farm Cottage, Mt Avoca Eco Luxe



Caravan Camping and glamping

Camping is undeniably more popular than ever before and camping in the Pyrenees offers you some epic sunsets that will have your Instagram followers jealous! Enjoy sleeping under the stars under clear open skies – both Mount Cole State Forest, Mount Buangor State Park and Pyrenees State Forest offer stunning free camping locations dotted throughout the parks. If you are a camper that likes to have a few more amenities, the Pyrenees offers some fantastic Caravan Parks overlooking a picturesque Lake or River.

If you are like me, and like the adventure of a camping holiday, but still want comfort, there’s no experience quite like sleeping under 5 stars with an element of luxury in the great outdoors with a glamping holiday. So say farewell to the city with a weekend of camping or glamping and experience the great outdoors.

Try: Cave Hill Creek, Avoca Caravan Park, Beaufort Caravan Park



Sleep amongst History

Discover some very special places to stay in the Pyrenees in unique historic buildings of times past, yet with all modern conveniences. It is a great way to experience the history of the Pyrenees first hand. We look forward to spoiling you with a stylish range of historic accommodation surrounded by nature and history. Stay in a beautifully restored colonial cottage or step back in time with a getaway to a country heritage homestead which has been restored to its former glory.

Try: Graylings Gift, Eurambeen Homestead, Mt Mitchell Homestead, Hedon Farm



Gather your squad

If you’re planning on visiting the Pyrenees with your family or a large group of friends, you need a spacious holiday apartment or home that can accommodate everyone with ease. Fortunately, we have an excellent selection of comfortable holiday rentals that provide space for 8, 9 and even 10 people. With just a little bit of planning ahead of time, you should easily be able to take your friends or family on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Victoria.

Try: Avoca Cottages, Faraday on Avoca, Cave Hill Creek, Blue Pyrenees Lake House, Calando Hill


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