Arts & Crafts

An unbelievable collection
of art, craft and local talent.

Is it something in the air? The relaxed lifestyle? The unrushed pace?

Whatever the reason, the Pyrenees region seems to have birthed more than its fair share of artists and craft makers.

So much so that the towns of Avoca and Beaufort have both converted their old railway stations into a collection of bustling boutique galleries.

Together they showcase an unimaginable collection of original work from our talented arts community.

You’ll also find an array of makers’ galleries, studios and artist-run spaces dotted throughout the region. Most with a relaxed open-door policy.

And if that inspires you to rediscover your own inner artist, book yourself into one of our arts community’s many workshops.

Acova Sticky Beaks
Acova Sticky Beaks showcases the creative talents of the local community, and is open seven days a week. Call in and see the fantastic array of crafts available, ranging from soft toys, handmade bags, knitted goods, pla
Art Trax Gallery Beaufort
The building houses three Gallery rooms, a Gallery shop and modern kitchen area, along with an Artist’s workroom.
Avoca Railway Station Gallery 127
Avoca Railway Station, Gallery 127 presents exhibitions of local and regional artists as well as solo exhibitions, photographic exhibitions and sculptures.
Beaufort Craft Coop
Beaufort Craft Coop is, above all, about community. Local designers and makers offering unique handcrafted treasures for lucky people to purchase.
Renee’s Cottage Crafts
If you are looking for inspiration you have come to the right place. Visit our cottage and enjoy meandering through rooms filled with fabrics, patterns and kits of all sample projects and absorb the atmosphere of our qua
The Imperial Egg Gallery
To come and view a scene from our past, a simple egg transformed into art, then this.....  To come and view a scene from our past, a simple egg transformed into art, then this collection at the Beaufort Motel will forev
The Tangled Vine
Just as the name indicates, my shop is a maze of goodies to look through. Antiques, jeweelery, gifts, home made jams and sauces, candles and incredible re-born babies. Gorgeous fairy dresses and accessories, colourful ha