Nhap Luu Monastery

The Sisters of Nhap Luu Monastery are ordained Zen Buddhist Nuns from a tradition that began in Vietnam more than a thousand years ago. It now has spread throughout the Western world with its largest monastery, Plum Village, in Bordeaux France.

Nhap Luu Monastery is one of seven centres around the world. The name means “Stream Entering,”and it is an invitation for anyone to join with us to bring peace and happiness into our lives through the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is simply the ability to be fully aware of what is going on in and around us. Meditation is the capacity to observe. Mindfulness meditation helps us live more fully in the present moment, enjoying the life that is here right now.

It is a great help to us in moments when regret about the past of fear of the future might arise.

We are open every day. We live by a daily Monastery schedule which begins with morning meditation at 5.30 am and includes, silent meals, walking meditation, working meditation, dharma talks and sharing.

On Sundays we hold our Days of Mindfulness to listen to either a live teaching by the Dharma teachers or listen to a teaching of Thay from Plum Village. The day starts around 9:00 am. Other activities include walking meditation, formal lunch together with the community, and a discussion of the practice in the afternoon.   Sometimes there might be other activities arranged for the afternoon. The day usually ends around 4-5 pm.   Day guests are very welcome to attend.   Lunch is provided for everyone, so please let us know if you plan to come.


Phone number: 0402924800