Mount Buangor State Park

Due to fire impact Mount Buangor State Park is closed for public safety until further notice. For the latest on Mount Buangor State Park closures, head to

Explore a variety of landscapes including eucalypt forest, creek flats, waterfalls and steep escarpments at Mount Buangor State Park. From the peak of Mount Buangor, the highest in the area, you can experience spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

There is a 15 kilometre network of walking tracks in the park; many extend into the adjoining Mount Cole State Forest. Recommended walks include:
Beeripmo Walk 
Bukkertillibile Walk
Jenny Clayton Circuit
Middle Creek Walk
Mount Buangor Walk
Mount Sugarloaf Circuit
Raglan Falls
Two Mile Creek
Ferntree Falls Nature Walk 

The section of the Bukkertillible and Sugarloaf walks between The Cave and 2 Mile Circuit is a semi remote and steep walk suitable for experienced bushwalkers only. Please be aware that in wet conditions this section of track can become quite slippery.

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