Sarah Beaumont

From the moment Sarah Beaumont first stepped out of her car at Eurambeen Homestead, she knew she wanted to find out more. Sarah was captivated by stories the old, rundown homestead and neglected gardens could tell.

For almost seven years, Sarah and her partner Ian have poured their lives into restoring the historic home and garden on the outskirt of Beaufort. Each step since has revealed new twists and turns, and the couple is continually surprised on the journey.

This is a tree-change move for Sarah and Ian. They escaped from inner-city Melbourne living and highly-demanding jobs for peace.

Now the Homestead offers B&B accommodation, wedding venue and open garden weekends.

Sarah and Ian want Eurambeen to be absorbed and enjoyed as much as they love the place. They want to put Eurambeen’s grandeur back on the region’s map.  

Eurambeen Homestead was built in 1850, part of the larger Mount Cole Station, and extended in 1927. From the gardens, you can see the original bluestone house tucked in new wings for a kitchen, nursery and a round room.

A three-acre garden designed by Edna Walling was commissioned the same time as the extension.

Sarah, a self-confessed history buff, plunged into sourcing Walling’s original Eurambeen designs and plants she used. State Library Victoria was her key source and it was a State Library grant that has largely helped the couple’s garden restoration.

To garden enthusiasts, their work is a special treasure. Walling is arguably Australia’s most influential garden designer and her story – from her pioneering work in a male-dominated trade to her fiery red hair – is just as important to Sarah as the garden.

“There are two thing people are really curious about: the history of the property, and they’re curious about us in what we’re doing here.” Sarah said

Keen to settle in the Ballarat region, it was a mixture of the house’s beauty and the special nature of the garden, that immediately won them over. They knew no-one in the area but have quickly formed close friends and immersed into the community.

Eurambeen is not haunted by ghosts, which often disappoints the curious, but stories of past occupants live on in all corners of the property.

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