Debra and Andrew Borg – Redbank Alpaca’s

With warm eyes and lovable personalities, these alpacas draw hundreds of visitors to the Pyrenees annually.

When Debra and Andrew Borg achieved their dream of a tree change and moved to the Pyrenees Region 5 years ago, they had no idea that they were about to become a Tourism Destination!

200km northwest of Melbourne at Redbank (between Avoca and Stuart Mill), Debra and Andrew found solitude on their property surrounded by natural box-ironbark forest and hectares of space to wander.

With all of this space, they soon realised that they wanted to adopt some animals, but what type?

After Debra’s mother suggested alpaca’s, they soon went out and purchased 4 alpacas. Immediately Debra and Andrew fell in love with their new companions “with their stunning fleece and beautiful temprements, and knew they wanted more!

Over time, people began asking if they could come and visit the alpacas. “Friends from Melbourne would drive up and do day trips or stay over night just to see the alpacas”!

It was then that Debra and Andrew decided to set up Redbank Alpaca’s, a part time agritourism business that gives people the chance to get up close to the South American camels.

The Borg’s now offer an alpaca experience which includes observing, feeding, patting and walking the alpacas on their 16 hectare property at Redbank.

Redbank Alpaca’s is not an overly profitable business and yet Debra and Andrew don’t want it to be. At just $20 a head entrance, which includes the cost of the Alpaca experience, they figure the Alpaca’s are paying for themselves (food and hay ect), while providing them with a wonderful interest and they gain so many great memories from the groups that come through.

The alpacas all have their own names including Brandy, Kalista, Ruby, Rosa, Snowy, Jess, Rumble, Flash, Midori, Blossom and more!

When Debra and Andrews daughter got married on the property, the ceremony even featured a pair of alpaca’s in the bridal party!