Get ready to enjoy a day of exploring walks, nature, art and treasures in and around Beaufort.

Kick off your morning with an easy stroll around town exploring the Beaufort Lake and finding unique treasures in Beaufort Big Garage Sale and the Imperial Egg Gallery.
After you have had lunch in one of the towns cafe’s, you are going to need to walk off your feast by exploring the Art Trax Gallery and Ferntree Waterfalls.

Beaufort Lake

Located in the township of Beaufort, along the Skipton Road, Beaufort Lake is a relatively small man-made catchment with lovely leisurely walks around its shoreline. As you stroll the banks of the lake, you will find the Koori Art Trail with 12 art installations strategically placed around the lake.

Imperial Egg Gallery

At the Beaufort Motel, you will find an unexpected surprise with 100s of Imperial Eggs on display.  The gallery displays a variety of decorated eggs depicting fantasy scenes. Don’t be fooled, these are not just painted eggs but jewelled decorated eggs inspired by Faberge.


Beaufort Big Garage Sale 

If you love digging through a crazy selection of secondhand furniture, pre-loved homewares and weird bits and pieces, then Beaufort Big Garage Sale is for you. Expect to find a large and varied range of Collectables, Antiques including lighting and furniture, China, Books, Vinyl Records, Bric-A-Brac, Tools, Farming Equipment, Building Materials, old motors, fine china, art, glass and much more!




After a morning of exploring, you are going to need to refuel and there is no shortage of cafe’s for you to indulge in. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in any of the gourmet cafe’s  serving fresh local produce along with expertly brewed coffee.


Art Trax Gallery

The refurbished historical Railway Station at Beaufort is now the home of the Pyrenees Arts Council’s Art Trax Gallery. This historic building, which was first opened on 11th August, 1874, houses three Gallery rooms, a Gallery shop and an Artist’s workroom. This wonderful gallery is run by volunteers, most of whom are also artists, and houses a mix of painting styles from local and regional artists with revolving exhibitions.


Ferntree Falls

A short 10 minute drive from Beaufort, you will find the stunning Fern Tree Waterfalls nestled among the huge ferns and moss covered rocks within the spectacular Mount Buangor State Park. A short and easy 250 metre walk takes you to the falls where you can clamber over the rocks and among the gorgeous ferns right beneath the waterfall. By crossing a bridge over Middle Creek from beneath the falls, you can continue on the Waterfalls Nature Walk and access several other walks including the walk to nearby Cascade Falls.