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Unwind the Pyrenees Winery Tours

Welcome aboard to the newest winery tour operator in the Pyrenees Wine Region. Our focus is on providing you a great day out to relax and UnWined with friends in the picturesque Pyrenees ranges

UnWined – The Pyrenees is the brain child of Tim Grogan, the craft beer drinking and homebrewing bloke from Maryborough.

He has’ grown to love a good red wine, and having run a private tour for his partner and her friends in the winter of 2017, saw that there was a hole in the market that needed to be filled. Whilst not a wine aficionado, he knows a good drop when he tastes it and wants you to experience those great drops too. With more than 15 wineries in the Pyrenees region, he will guarantee you will want to be coming back to try them all!

Phone number: 0447842262