Shear Delights Bakehouse

Shear Delights Bakery is true to its name. Shear Delight is what you experience when you eat these baked goods. Looking for the best bread to make your Sunday morning avocado on toast? Or maybe a fancy pie? Got a sweet tooth? They have got you covered.

Shear Delights Bakery has an outstanding reputation for their baked goods such as the Passionfruit Sponge, Beestings and Continental Vanilla Slices. Also popular are the pizza pies and sausage rolls for the savoury appetite.

Watch the friendly award-winning bakers at work. They follow tradition and create their taste sensations for all to view. Freestanding racks hold the day’s offerings, which empty quickly as locals duck in and out to collect their daily bread.

This bakery is popular. Not only do the locals rave about the food but people travel from far and wide just to grab a bite from Shear Delights Bakery. People just keep coming back. Why? Well it’s the consistency of its products, from the “house” white bread, to their bolognaise pie, to the delicious pastries and treats. The food sells out quick so get in early. Shear Delights Bakery is a must when you visit Avoca.

Open 7am to 2pm Monday to Friday

Phone number: 0354653517