Gwynnyth Vineyard

Longevity, Aged Elegance and Gourmet Capers:

At our 12 acre vineyard, dubbed a “Micro-Winery” by reviewers, we aim to be a vineyard with a difference and to provide our visitors with an interesting and varied experience.

Our wine making philosophy is to produce wines that are elegant and flavoursome, rather than bold and overripe. By keeping the alcohol content of our table wines down around 13%, we believe they then show their true varietal characters.

This also has the added benefit of enabling the consumption of a couple of glasses of wine with a meal, without falling over. Even our Desert Plum Wine has an alcohol level below 17%.

Our wines include bottle-aged Sparkling Ciders, Fumé Chenin Blanc, Elegant Aged Cabernet Sauvignons ranging from 1999 to 2007, a 2015 Cabernet Vintage Liqueur and an oak-aged Tawny Plum Port.

While not registered as an organic vineyard, we adapt sustainable practices, made possible, in part, by our novel elevated kangaroo-friendly trellising system.

Visitors use our “Golden Bell” to summon us to our mud-brick Cellar Door, because we rarely have mobile phone coverage.

We also have some unusual features to amuse visitors and their children, including our “Sun Dial of Human Involvement” doubling as a Mini-golf pitch, A Floating Flower Garden as well as Compact Disk Flashers, Champagne Riddling Pupitres and a Weather Vane.

Cellar Door is open daily 10am – 5pm

Phone number: 0409944757