Beaufort Park Cafe

Beaufort Park Café is all about passion. Passion for food, people and coffee.

You will be captivated when you meet the owner and chef, Anand. He creates the delicious dishes and the menu caters for different dietary requirement, e.g- gluten free, vegan or dairy free dishes.

Anand says ‘Food was part of my passion growing up in Malaysia. I cook a mix of Asian and local dishes and use the best of available local products. I love this community and want to create the best for them and anyone who walks through the door.’

His regular customers keep coming back because ‘he is a great honest guy who makes us laugh.’ Many agree that he is a perfectionist when it comes to food. His food is ‘absolutely beautiful’ and the coffee is the best. You may find yourself thinking, ‘Have I just tasted the best coffee ever?’

The value for money is amazing. You can sit outside also. There is plenty to look at with the parks nearby. This is the pulse of the Beaufort community.


Phone number: 0353492802